Some Memorable Pictures Of #CES2014

CES 2014 is now complete. The year’s biggest tech event, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, LG, including the world’s giant companies with modern technology have demonstrated gadgets. Smartphone, laptop, car, robot, as well as different segments, including wearable gadgets and wonderful products are introduced. Also on display are some of the new discoveries.

Photo shows a wonderful Gazette. Wearable gadgets growing popularity will also impact on the children. CES 2014 children’s health care in a chest monitor has been presented. The child’s body temperature, respiration distress parents and other details will be Smartphones.

In exhibition products are kept separate companies stall. Here are some wonderful Picks for the exhibition has been presented here.

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#Microsoft to Create over 100 commercial #apps in 6 months

India is a huge market for Smartphones in the world in every major companies. And Microsoft also wants to have a foothold . Given the stakes , but it is what made ​​the commercial apps . India’s small and large software companies and professionals , there is a unique opportunity . Microsoft has a competition organized by the Independent software vendors and technology in becoming youth to make informed business applications . Apps such as government departments or professional may be helpful would be to make it . Honor is the code name for the contest and the National inphorametiksa Center , NASSCOM , Nokia App campus , Intel , and the brakes are also a barrier to collaboration.


What is the sum of the eligibility rules and how to make apps?

The contest will run for the next six months will determine the deadline to complete the task of creating apps. Microsoft Corporation (India) Private Limited chairman Bhaskar said that the government honest and businesslike professional services being passed to their customers as well as a reliable and secure way to exchange with a partner wants to do. So this is an opportunity to build apps useful than traditional apps . The apps that will contest the security , reliability and ease of offer and how they can be used in public or private .

The competition will take part in the 5000 Independent Software Vendor. And only those who will be involved in aisavi Started eight years old still has not been completed.

They HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales or micro and medium-sized industrial institutions will be able to create apps that help. Citizens with government services except those which are directly related to the apps are also welcome.

Unless there is a financial benefit to the company’s 75 percent share of U.S. $ 25,000 will be awarded to developers, and the rest will be Microsoft. If it is more than U.S. $ 25,000 to the developer, it will amount to 80 per cent and Microsoft are expected to take place.

Vice-President of Microsoft Corporation, Steve Gyuemare Ivanjalista said in the past two years, developers have contributed significantly to store Windows and Windows Phone., And the contest will be a challenge to the developer that built the app to gain acceptance on a global level every.

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Lets Nurture’s App Wins the 1st Prize for The Jury Award In the #Echai #AppChallenge – 2014

It is very difficult to win a first prize in an app challenge. It is also difficult to win the first prize in both the categories – People’s choice award and the Jury’s award. But, it is not impossible, as LetsNurture proved it on Sunday, 05th January 2014.

Lets Nurture Team showed once again as to why it is regarded as one of the competitive and innovative web design and mobile application organizations in the industry. The company had taken part in the ‘eChai App challenge’ organized by the eChai, a platform for young entrepreneurs in Gujarat. The event was organized on the first weekend of January – i.e. – 4th and 5th in CIIE, IIM-Ahmedabad.

The eChai app challenge’s motto and aim was to bring developers, designers and professionals together to build mobile applications in 24 hours and compete for prizes. The aim was to develop skills, interact with domain experts of the industry and get a feel of an exciting technology competition. The event was supported by iAccelerator as knowledge partner, as Technology Partner, Lets Nurture as Supporting Partner, GDG Ahmedabad as Community partner, and,, & as media partners-online.

The Jury of the contest consisted of experienced mobile apps experts and professionals that put importance on innovation, creativity and simplicity in solving an issue and turning it into an opportunity of writing the code for the entire apps on the location itself.

LetsNurture’s team of employees rushed to the event to cheer their colleagues on Sunday afternoon. The team members of LetsNurture, ‘Pratik Patel and Priyank (Android developers), Dhaval Modi (designer) and Bhavin Solanki (PHP Developer) made the company proud as they bagged the first jury award as well as the People’s choice award for the best android app ‘U&I’ with 1st prize award.

The 2nd and 3rd prize for the Jury award went to other apps iFun and HomesmartNXC while the people’s choice award for the 2nd and 3rd position went to iMemorise and SpyMail.

It is worth to note that the competitors in the app challenge included Patientcure, IFun , Pick Me, iMemorize, Ipeople, Ahmedabad Eye  and InnerEyes among the 22 apps in total

This is a very great start to the New Year 2014 by LetsNurture. This year will see some surprises from the company for sure.

Awesome Moments Captured by Lets Nurture’s CEO Mr. Ketan Raval


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Google’s Birthday Return Gift of Hummingbird Algorithm

Google has started celebrating its 15 years of inception in quite a big way. Recently, Google has introduced a new search engine algorithm called as Hummingbird Algorithm. Interestingly, this step was taken in a silent manner.

Overview of Hummingbird Algorithm

This new search engine algorithm, that was introduced last month, which is itself a mathematical algebraic solution, that searches billions of internet documents to come out with most relevant and close answers to the internet search engine queries. This will help the Google search engine to match with many difficult queries that come from across the world through various smart devices.

The ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm now handles about more than 90% of the Google’s searches. This news event, which also was a celebration of its foundation day was held, interestingly at its foundation place-a garage, where the founders had founded the company about 15 years ago, known as Susan Wojcicki’s Garage in Menlo Park in California.

As reported, Hummingbird, The Google’s latest released algorithm of its search engine is situated in the Mountain View, which was earlier named by Google as “Caffeine”.

The world’s watch on Hummingbird

The world actively watches any changes made by Google regarding its search engine and introduction of any new algorithm, where new websites are listed as per their rankings on the search engine, when a user searches for a particular website or query.

The new search engine format has a knowledge graph , where users can also ask questions with a voice search and get their queries answered in a super fast speed. Amit Singhal, the Google Search chief, said that the changes include a simple and more unified design of the mobile devices.

Also, the Google +  introduced a photo album of its first and original search page.

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What After 2 Months In Android Training In Ahmedabad

As a beginner I am a little bit nervous while taking a part in live Industrial Android and PHP projects. I have taken part in 6 months Android Training Program In Ahmedabad. But, after spending 2 months in Android training at “Lets Nurture India” in Ahmedabad, I came to know that it is an essential to step forward your career in Android with proficient live project training in well-esteemed company.

What After 2 months In Android Training Project?

After completing 2 months in Android Training Program at Lets Nurture with its qualified Android team, we have covered the following topics in Android

Introduction to Android Includes:

  • Overview of Android and Android SDK
  • History of Android
  • Android features

The Android Architecture overview includes:

  • Introduction to OS layers
  • Linux kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Application framework

Setup of Android Development environment covers:

  • System requirements
  • Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
  • Creating the first Android application
  • Project Structure

Android Application Fundamentals:

  • Android application building blocks
  • Activating components
  • Shutting down components
  • Life Cycle of Application
  • Development tools, Manifest File
  • Life Cycle of Activity

User Interface:

  • View Hierarchy and Layouts
  • UI Events
  • Building Menus
  • Notifying users
  • Creating dialogs
  • Graphics & Animations

Main Building Blocks:

  • Activity
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers


  • Overview of Android Resources
  • Creating Resources
  • Using Resources
  • Drawable Resources
  • Animation Resources

Data Storage:

  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage (Files)
  • External Storage (SD Card)
  • SQLite Databases

Android Media API:

  • Playing audio/video
  • Media recording

CEO of Lets Nurture, Mr. Ketan Raval allow us to work on live Android App. We are much excited for upcoming month, because we are going to work on upcoming version of live android apps “Diet Trackers” and “Expense Manager” under the guidance of our Senior Mr. Pratik Patel.

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6 months PHP and Android Training program in Ahmedabad

PHP and Android are a significant programming language for website and mobile app development. PHP and Android are an best open source platform for developers to develop applications that are cost efficient with dynamic features. Today the petition for PHP websites and Android application has impressively augmented in the market especially among those entrepreneurs who are keen to create cost effective and dynamic websites and mobile apps for their business.

Lets Nurture is a specialized PHP Internship and Android Project Training in Ahmedabad, will have experts having sound knowledge of PHP and Android programming language and hence can effectually monitor the students for a better understanding of the language and its fundamental applications in website and mobile application development.

Yashpal Goswami-LetsNurture-Digital-Marketing-Agency-Ahmedabad

They are starting a training program in Ahmedabad to help the fresh candidates learn  practical aspects in their interested field… with their experience and their qualified consultant Lets Nurture will nurture our future.. At this moment they are starting Android Training Programs and

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Share the joy of the Diwali festival with a new app – Diwali Dhamaal

Share the joy of the Diwali festival with a new app – Diwali Dhamaal

Diwali, which is also termed Deepavali is a Hindu festival. It is called the festival of lights, the festival of joy. Diwali is celebrated through festive fireworks, lights, flowers, sharing of sweets and worship of Goddess Laxmi.

As Diwali is near, how can we miss this awesome festival. It’s the time to make a new “Diwali Dhamaalwith the new Android application. Thanks to the Lets Nurture, thanks to Android app development team of Lets Nurture. This app allows you to


  • Save beautiful Diwali Backgrounds
  • Send awesome Diwali cards
  • Send Customize Diwali Greeting. Add your text i.e. Sender and Receiver.
  • Choose to send the greeting via Social Media.
  • Send Diwali SMS to your friends, relatives, loved ones, colleagues and business partners.

Express your love and care to your loved ones.

Diwali Dhamaal - Letsnurture - Yashpal Goswami -Diwali Apps

Diwali Dhamaal

“Happy Diwali in Advance”
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