5 Free Mobile Tools for Creating Unique Images!

5 Free smartphones Image Editing Tools for Creating Unique Images!

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There are several reasons of loving tools that create unique images. “A single picture is worth a thousand words” they say. So why to not just share picture instead of writing 1000 words. There are several easy-to-use mobile tools that help you to create images for your content strategy and social media marketing. If the idea of hiring a graphic designer isn’t an option, go for free alternatives available to you to create beautiful & customized image for content or social media.

Through this article, I will show you 5 best free and easy mobile tools that will help you create fantabulous graphics for the content and social media posts.

1.     BeFunky:

With Befunky photo editor, you can create unique photos with all the photo effects. This powerful photo editing tool has features like collage maker, number of different fonts, creative photo frames, overlays and collection of stickers…

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4 Free A/B Testing Tools to Experience for Small Business!

You must realize the importance of unique traffic on your website. It is essential because it gives the professional with the needed marketing victory. A/B testing tools used to get more traffic, and to convert more visitors into customers. For the small business owner data analysis is definitely technical. Simply promotions and blogs submission will not be enough to gain victory. There few free powerful tools are available online.


Google Analytics Content Experiments:

Google Analytics offers a characteristic called “Content Experiments,” which permits users to split-test page versions within the program. It’s a useful characteristic with boosted reporting alternatives. This A/B testing is free, more efficient with simple interface that directly integrated with other analysis features for easy tracking for business requirements.


Genetify supplies developers with a JavaScript library for exercising any number of A/B tests on a site. The inherited algorithm will adjust to users visiting page, attaining a pre-defined goal and discover a more optimal page layout to the user. Genetify provides an interactional demo indicating the basics of how it works.


Vanity is an open source program and an experiment driven development framework for Ruby on Rails. You can receive a simple report by using Vanity A/B testing on Rails application. You can also integrate Google Analytics with the Vanity dashboard.


Another A/B testing framework for Ruby on Rails is A/Bingo and its spread as plugin. This tool is very fast with minimal impact on page load or server time. By using one line of code this tool can test behavioral difference, measures any event as a conversion and statistical implication. By assigning user a unique identity it creates the required table with simple setup and installation.

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Top 5 Tools for Social Media Marketing!

2015 is to transform your business with new social media tools, they are going to aid you to flesh your marketing and business this year. Manage your promotional activity on your social media accounts and save hours to manage them.

Here I am going to list out some of the most useful social media tools for you.

1) Buffer:

Buffer works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and it’s a most comfortable way to publish you content on social media. Buffer is now much popular between social media marketers because of 5 seamless features. Automation, external integration, transparency, blogging and most important easy analytic.


2) HootSuite:

A classic tools for social media marketers. Marketers can easily schedule content on various integrated social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Hootsuite has free and pro version. Free version allows three social media accounts to integrate and pro version is better for advanced users with customization and analytic features. Free version is a great choice for the beginners.


3) Canva:

Canva is a free online photo editor. Most business marketers use Canva to make unique photos for their social needs including blogs and social media marketing posts to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Canva provides a library of more than one million stickers, icons, buttons, grids and other images and layouts to choose from. It’s like professional design tools to create beautiful images.


4) Edgar:

Edgar is a similar social media scheduling tool like other. Edgar makes sure your social media news do not go to waste. It literally saves hours every week for social media marketers. Edgar also posts to Facebook groups, pages, LinkedIn groups and profiles. 3 simple ways to use Edgar Create categories design your posting schedule and add your social updates.


5) Post Planner:

Post Planner is specifically designed for scheduling on Facebook. Post Planner it lets you schedule posts as well as provides suggested content, such as popular posts in your area or viral images. This feature will boost engagement and add more variety to your Facebook page. In short Post Planner can generate Status Update ideas, suggest photos and even show you trending content to help you look like an expert.



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Latest Updates on Digital Marketing in 2015

Marketers are marveling which digital marketing trends are going to rule 2015 and which ones will drop dead.

Every marketing expert has their own thoughts on digital marketing trends for 2015. But it will be offending to hear a majorly standardized forecasting arise. Nobody can brief any of them on what the experts are saying.

1.     Humanly Connected Social Media:

conversation2Social media remains its rage and to compete in 2015’s market, the brands always rely on social media. But how? By organic or paid? Still the question arises for the marketing experts to compete the market. The thing which I had personally realized is that customers are not interested in talking to a brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any social media platform. Social media was made for people and not for businesses. They are just looking for human connections. Brand will automatically tackle the social media connections of their employee already have. Employees are acting as ambassadors within their own networks to build richer connections with potential customers. If brand fails apply this advocacy method, they have to get ready for paid social.

2.     Video Content Format:

black_and_white_video_shootMany popular brands whipped up the video views again in 2014. A new video project supports the campaign engaging and delighting viewers by revolving about spreading fresh and effective stories. Video content gives the consumer response to from brands and the consumers are likely to see much more of this in 2015. Companies are expending visual storytelling as they comprise the human voice into marketing. Video merchandising is not something new, but the last couple months have discovered a monolithic hike in popularity in micro-video marketing all around platforms. Few second of Instagram and Vine video feature has been a disclosure in the channels.

3.     Responsive Mobile Marketing:

responsive-website-design-2Mobile (Smart Phones) usage continues to boost with recent data with the rise in m-commerce. Cyber Monday saw a huge rise this year because of enhanced mobile traffic in the US. 2014’s huge digital marketing trend was mobile-friendly content and this is the fact that many businesses have not completely grasped this. According to the 2014 marketing report, 42 of respondents out of 100 said they ‘seldom or never’ use mobile responsive design for their business emails. Even more shocking, 24 respondents out of 100 said that 40-45% percent of their subscribers are opening their emails on a smartphones or tablets. Responsive web design is not now optional. It’s a question for the marketers, how does your website and content deliver on a more small-scale phone screen? As we head into 2015, your website content must be mobile-friendly.

4.     Content Marketing Gyration:

content-warning-signSupplying valuable and fresh content is fundamental to establishing relationships and to online visibility. That’s why the most of the marketers are signify to step-up their content output in 2015. The firms that place a priority on quality content that educates and engages will succeed. Make sure that your content puts up literal value. You are able to answer the question the content you share. One should share your content once they read it. Content libraries are the new attraction, and that attract community members and create the actual value of your content. Rather than signing up to get blog posts notifications or a generic email newsletter, they offer access to a developing library of useful data based on the interests. Definitely content marketing will wander smoothly from 2014 to 2015. Process of affording something of value such as a blog or a social media posting will help to build authority and trust among readers.

Each of these commanding 2015 digital marketing trends addresses to a fundamental need within your potential customer the trust, transparency, real story and visually. 2015 looks to be another big year for digital online marketing and on the social side too.

Authour is a digital marketing expert at Lets Nurture since 2012, manages the marketing strategy for agencies servicing in different sectors.

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HAPPENINGS IN SAMSUNG WORLD: Roll-up the Sleeves for the Beast!

HAPPENINGS IN SAMSUNG WORLD: Roll-up the Sleeves for the Beast!.

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iPhone 6 Plus: No end to the bend? Check Out the Video!

iPhone 6 Plus: No end to the bend? Check Out the Video!.

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વ્યસન અને શોખ

વ્યસન અને શોખ માં શું તફાવત હોય શકે? માણસના શરીરને જે નકારાત્મક અસર કરે તેને આપણે વ્યસન કહીએ છીએ. પણ ખરેખર જ્યારે તે પદાર્થ કે આદત નો આપણે દુરૂપયોગ કરીયે છીયે ત્યારે તે વ્યસન બને છે. લોકો વિવિધ પ્રકારના વ્યસની હોઈ શકે છે. દાખલા તરીકે: આલ્કોહૉલ, કોકેઈન, કેફિન, સિગારેટ, તમાકુ, કૉફી, ચા, ચોકલેટ, દવાઓ, ઊંઘની ગોળીઓ, પેઈનકિલર્સ વગેરે વગેરે. જે વ્યક્તિ આના વગર રહીજ ના શકે તેને વ્યસની કેહવાય છે. પરંતુ શોખ પણ અલગ વસ્તુ છે, નઈ? 🙂

આમાથી કોઈ વસ્તુ માણસ શોખથી પણ કરતો હોય છે. સાચુ કવ તો મને પણ ઘણા શોખ છે પણ વ્યસન એક પણ નથી:D અત્યારે હું કવ તો મારા વ્યસન બેજ છે. એક તો મારુ ઘર અને બીજી મારી ઓફીસ Lets Nurture, કે જ્યાં હું વધુમાં વધુ સમય પસાર કરું છું.

આ થઇ મારા વ્યસન ની વાત હવે કરીયે શોખ ની વાત. તો શોખ તો ઘણાં છે, પણ એવુ જરૂરી પણ નથી કે બધા પુરા પણ થાય. અને આજકાલ સમય બદલાતાં લોકોની જીવનશૈલી પણ બદલાઇ છે. દેખાદેખીના જમાનામાં હાઇટેક જીવન જીવવાની ઈચ્છા દરેક માણસની હોય છે, મારી પણ હોય શકે ને? પરંતુ હાલ મારી એવી કોઈ ઈચ્છા નથી બસ એક iOS 8 ની છે, બાકી બધી ઈચ્છાઓ સમય આવશે તો અવસ્ય પૂરી કરશું. આમ પણ મારા એક મિત્ર નુ કેવુ છે…

“શોખ તો બધા બાપાના પૈસે પુરા થાય. આપણા પૈસે તો ફક્ત જરૂરીયાત પૂરી થાય”

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