Easy Steps To Change Blogger Post URL Using Permalink

20 Jul

whensoever we release a new post, Blogger mechanically generates the post URL according to the title of the blog post. For example if the post title is “Easy Steps To Change Blogger Post URL Using Permalink then blogger will generate http:// /2012/07/easy-steps-to-change-blogger-post-URL-using.HTML as the post URL. If you want to change this URL to a SEO friendly one here comes the solution.

Recently Blogger introduced an option named Permalink in Post settings to edit the post URL to your desired one. Its also enabled in , You can access this option by logging in

Just follow this simple tutorial to edit your blogger post URL to your desired one.


1. Login to with your same Blogger account.Then You will get a Dashboard.

2. Now Edit the desired post you want to edit the URL.


3. Change Your Publish Date.

Image4. Click Revert to draft button to enable Permalink editing.


Now Your Edited Permalink Seems like this


5. Click Publish .

That’s it ! Now look at the post URL it will be modified to the customized one !

Note : If you are modifying URL of a old post, you should note down the old URL before changing to a new one. Because your old post URL may be submitted to search engine or social websites.So If any one come to your blog using the previous URL he will get a 404 not found error. But Don’t Worry :-)! you can Redirect your old URL to new URL using Custom Redirects feature of Blogger.

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