#Microsoft to Create over 100 commercial #apps in 6 months

08 Jan

India is a huge market for Smartphones in the world in every major companies. And Microsoft also wants to have a foothold . Given the stakes , but it is what made ​​the commercial apps . India’s small and large software companies and professionals , there is a unique opportunity . Microsoft has a competition organized by the Independent software vendors and technology in becoming youth to make informed business applications . Apps such as government departments or professional may be helpful would be to make it . Honor is the code name for the contest and the National inphorametiksa Center , NASSCOM , Nokia App campus , Intel , and the brakes are also a barrier to collaboration.


What is the sum of the eligibility rules and how to make apps?

The contest will run for the next six months will determine the deadline to complete the task of creating apps. Microsoft Corporation (India) Private Limited chairman Bhaskar said that the government honest and businesslike professional services being passed to their customers as well as a reliable and secure way to exchange with a partner wants to do. So this is an opportunity to build apps useful than traditional apps . The apps that will contest the security , reliability and ease of offer and how they can be used in public or private .

The competition will take part in the 5000 Independent Software Vendor. And only those who will be involved in aisavi Started eight years old still has not been completed.

They HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales or micro and medium-sized industrial institutions will be able to create apps that help. Citizens with government services except those which are directly related to the apps are also welcome.

Unless there is a financial benefit to the company’s 75 percent share of U.S. $ 25,000 will be awarded to developers, and the rest will be Microsoft. If it is more than U.S. $ 25,000 to the developer, it will amount to 80 per cent and Microsoft are expected to take place.

Vice-President of Microsoft Corporation, Steve Gyuemare Ivanjalista said in the past two years, developers have contributed significantly to store Windows and Windows Phone., And the contest will be a challenge to the developer that built the app to gain acceptance on a global level every.

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