Sunday Morning and Beyond!

19 May

Sunday is a time for complete rest after a busy week. Unfortunately, it applies to others and not to me. For me, Sunday is a time to wake up early and prepare a breakfast for my family. It’s a deal with my wife that in non-working days I have to prepare breakfast for all. But today when I opened my eyes, it was 8:30 am. I opened my eyes with little laziness and realized that a deal is a deal and I can’t step back!

After completing my cleaning routine, I prepared the delicious breakfast and everybody was sitting at the table waiting for it. Suddenly I thought “Oh! Its Sunday and today is GBG Ahmedabad Anniversary Event 2014 and I must attend this event. The event was about “Online Branding and Advertising”. It was 10:15 am and event was about to start sharp at 10:00 am; Oops! I am already 15 mints late, I thought.

I was in a hurry and time was running out! On my way I saw something…Wait… What was it? I thought twice about what I had seen and couldn’t control myself! Out of sheer anxiety, I took a U turn and saw a group of poor children are with books and pen studying under the shadow of tree. Being an employee of Letsnurture it was my duty to look into it.

In the morning that day, I had seen a post on Mr. Ketan Raval‘s Facebook page. It had a mention of Dr. Yagnik, who had donated clothes to Letnurture organization. I reached at the spot where poor children were painting under the guidance of Ms. Ujvala Dev. She likes to teach poor children every Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I really appreciated her approach and was overwhelmed with whatever she was doing. It left an ever-lasting impression on my mind and made me realize that I must do something for the sake of society.


Finally, I captured that moment and drove off to attend GBG Ahmedabad Anniversary Event 2014; where great presentation was given by Mr. Vaibhav Choksi and Mr. Jignesh Gohel.

Lite moment of GBG Ahmedabad Anniversary Event 2014:

GBG Ahmedabab

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