21 iOS8 New Features!

03 Jun

Now it’s time to kick out your Windows and Android devices because apple will going to rule over them with new updates. Yesterday with Jignesh Thanki and Mr. Ketan Raval at letsnurture we addressed full live coverage of WWDC 2014. They introduced lots of new amazing features of Yosemite X and iOS8.


A new API which allows developers to link applications to a central database on your personal health data. You will be able to store it privately and—even better—share this information easily with other doctors and hospitals.


Camera new features:

iOS 8 will add Time Lapse photography, new camera application programming kit that will allow third-party apps to access the camera hardware in depth.


A new Photos app that includes new editing capabilities that can be used with a simple thumb gesture which uses smart image analysis to get pretty great results.



Continuity is one of the most exciting things in iOS and OS X. It is a group of technologies that seamlessly integrates both Macs and iOS devices.


Seamlessly drag and drop feature to work between iOS and Mac OS. a file from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad via a Wi-Fi network.



Continue with your Mail message from where you have left your workstation. Pick it where you left it on your iPad or iPhone to continue that message right away.


Text message integration:

Switch Text message between iPhone and Mac. This is a pretty cool feature. The iPhone would relay your regular text messages—sent by non-iOS phones—into the iMessage app in your Mac providing a centralized, seamless message center.


Call integration:

Use your iPhone to relay voice calls to your Mac—complete with Caller ID—and call from your Mac through your iPhone. It’s all automatic:


New notifications:

A new way to answer notifications without having to leave your app. You can also do the same from the lock screen, without having to unlock your phone.


Accessing people:

Access most contacted people. Clicking on one face will give you access to all the forms of communication available: Calls, chat, FaceTime or FaceTime Voice.


Enhanced mail:

A new mail has a variety of enhancements, but the best is the gesture based message manipulation, a la Mailbox. You can swipe to the left to delete a flag or reply to a message. Swipe a bit harder and you can easily delete the message itself.



Accessible from the lock screen and everywhere in iOS. It gives you results and also offers you suggestions of things that are not stored in your device. It will give you suggestions on: News, Wikipedia, Nearby places, iTunes store music, podcasts and movies, iBooks store, Suggested websites, Movie showtimes.


Keyboard enhancements:

New iOS finally supports context-sensitive predictive typing, giving you a list of words that you can use to make your text entry a lot faster. Because Apple claims it learns from your behavior.



Mute particular conversations, with ability to share location on a conversion by conversion basis. Audio and video messages in iMessages, no touch required.


iCloud Drive:

Now every bit of data from every application would be available across iOS devices and Mac. With accessing iCloud Drive third-party application like Sketchbook will be able to save changes to documents automatically to your cloud.


Enterprise Features:

Plenty of features for companies and corporations, it supports new tools for device management by IT departments.


Family Sharing:

Share stuff with your family in a very easy way family calendar, photos, locations books, music, movie purchases and many more, up to six. You can also use the same credit card with asking permission to proceed or not.



Updated to listen constantly. Activate automatically—without you touching the home button at all. They also integrate Shazam song recognition, purchase iTunes content, streaming voice recognition and 22 new dictation language.



One of the best feature of iOS, allowing app developers to provide extensions for iOS they can able to add services that other applications can use.


Touch ID for all apps!:

Now apps will be able to use Touch ID for authorization, use your thumbprint to access your account. It protects logins and user data, unlocks keychain items, identifies successful matches and also protects fingerprints data.



New Metal graphics engine offers ten times the performance of their previous 3D rendering engine. 3D graphics with Metal removes OpenGL overhead. SpriteKit for casual game developers.


Access Full Video Coverage From Here:

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