Top 5 Tools for Social Media Marketing!

17 Jan

2015 is to transform your business with new social media tools, they are going to aid you to flesh your marketing and business this year. Manage your promotional activity on your social media accounts and save hours to manage them.

Here I am going to list out some of the most useful social media tools for you.

1) Buffer:

Buffer works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and it’s a most comfortable way to publish you content on social media. Buffer is now much popular between social media marketers because of 5 seamless features. Automation, external integration, transparency, blogging and most important easy analytic.


2) HootSuite:

A classic tools for social media marketers. Marketers can easily schedule content on various integrated social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Hootsuite has free and pro version. Free version allows three social media accounts to integrate and pro version is better for advanced users with customization and analytic features. Free version is a great choice for the beginners.


3) Canva:

Canva is a free online photo editor. Most business marketers use Canva to make unique photos for their social needs including blogs and social media marketing posts to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Canva provides a library of more than one million stickers, icons, buttons, grids and other images and layouts to choose from. It’s like professional design tools to create beautiful images.


4) Edgar:

Edgar is a similar social media scheduling tool like other. Edgar makes sure your social media news do not go to waste. It literally saves hours every week for social media marketers. Edgar also posts to Facebook groups, pages, LinkedIn groups and profiles. 3 simple ways to use Edgar Create categories design your posting schedule and add your social updates.


5) Post Planner:

Post Planner is specifically designed for scheduling on Facebook. Post Planner it lets you schedule posts as well as provides suggested content, such as popular posts in your area or viral images. This feature will boost engagement and add more variety to your Facebook page. In short Post Planner can generate Status Update ideas, suggest photos and even show you trending content to help you look like an expert.



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