4 Free A/B Testing Tools to Experience for Small Business!

31 Jan

You must realize the importance of unique traffic on your website. It is essential because it gives the professional with the needed marketing victory. A/B testing tools used to get more traffic, and to convert more visitors into customers. For the small business owner data analysis is definitely technical. Simply promotions and blogs submission will not be enough to gain victory. There few free powerful tools are available online.


Google Analytics Content Experiments:

Google Analytics offers a characteristic called “Content Experiments,” which permits users to split-test page versions within the program. It’s a useful characteristic with boosted reporting alternatives. This A/B testing is free, more efficient with simple interface that directly integrated with other analysis features for easy tracking for business requirements.


Genetify supplies developers with a JavaScript library for exercising any number of A/B tests on a site. The inherited algorithm will adjust to users visiting page, attaining a pre-defined goal and discover a more optimal page layout to the user. Genetify provides an interactional demo indicating the basics of how it works.


Vanity is an open source program and an experiment driven development framework for Ruby on Rails. You can receive a simple report by using Vanity A/B testing on Rails application. You can also integrate Google Analytics with the Vanity dashboard.


Another A/B testing framework for Ruby on Rails is A/Bingo and its spread as plugin. This tool is very fast with minimal impact on page load or server time. By using one line of code this tool can test behavioral difference, measures any event as a conversion and statistical implication. By assigning user a unique identity it creates the required table with simple setup and installation.

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